Travel Insured International Review

Travel Insured International Review
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Travel Insured International (TII) offers worldwide travel insurance plans that also work within the United States. Prices vary mostly by age, but are close to average for the best trip insurances we reviewed. The types of plans you can apply for may vary by your state of residence, however.

We evaluated plans for three trips: a Mississippi river cruise, a tour of France and an Antarctic adventure. The insurance premium prices for these trips depended mostly on the age of the travelers, and in most cases, ran below the average of the other trip insurances we priced. The plans varied, so we looked for plans with comparable coverage in cancellation and major medical expenses.

We found that while coverage for cancellations matched most of the other companies we evaluated, the reimbursement for lesser emergencies was lower. Luggage delay reimbursement is $300, where the average among agencies is nearly twice that. InsuranceandGo is one such company with a luggage delay reimbursement of up to $800. It also limits reimbursement for ticket change fees to $250. Not every agency reimburses change fees, but those that do generally do not set a limit. It does not reimburse for cancellations if your carrier or tour company declares bankruptcy. However, the higher-tier plans offer a Cancel for Any Reason clause. It covers 75 percent of your trip cost, which is industry average.

The evacuation and repatriation reimbursements are among the highest of the trip insurances we evaluated, and this company can make the arrangements, including securing an escort if needed. It also does not reimburse you for lost or stolen prescriptions, although it can assist you in getting them replaced. This, however, is standard for most companies.

TII insures you against accidental death and dismemberment in a flight accident for up to $10,000. It can cover vehicle rentals as well. If you need to evacuate the country for a non-medical reason, such as political upheaval, TII can make the arrangements and reimburse your expenses.

TII offers concierge services that include English-speaking support 24/7. In addition to answering questions about your policy and helping you in emergencies, this company has agents who can help you find a hotel, make dinner reservations or handle other complimentary services. In case of an emergency, the agents can locate a local doctor or lawyer and advance you emergency cash. It does not assist with legal fees, however. A couple of the companies we reviewed assist with bail money.

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If you need to file a claim, you can do so online. There is no listing of what documentation you need, so it’s best to be prepared by keeping receipts, getting proof of incident such as a police report or a written notice from your carrier. TII offers a live chat to assist you in the claims process, something only a few travel insurance companies offer.

Although Travel Insurance International offers worldwide plans, they are just as effective inside the United States. The prices were below average for the situations we considered, and the coverage comparable to the higher-ranked trip insurance companies. It offers some extra options, such as Cancel for Any Reason, and has live chat to assist you with filing a claim online. It’s an insurance worth considering, especially if you’re traveling outside the country.