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EarthLink Review
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EarthLink is a redistributor for HughesNet, so you get the same plans and service options HughesNet offers, but you can bundle its satellite internet with EarthLink services such as web building and hosting. And you can choose to pay EarthLink directly, which means one less bill to remember. EarthLink also offers internet security through Norton Security, so all your devices, including tablets and smartphones, are protected while you are online.

All four of the plans you can sign up for through EarthLink have 25Mbps download, also called downstream, speeds. This is really fast and means multiple people can use your connection at the same time without videos buffering or webpages loading slowly. It’s also helpful when you want to download files or games to your desktop. You can use the included Wi-Fi connection to reach the internet with your mobile devices, too.

Since EarthLink sells HughesNet’s service, its upstream speed is 3Mbps, which is on the high end of the industry’s 1Mbps to 3Mbps standard range. This is beneficial if you often upload images to social media sites or send them as attachments to email messages.

HughesNet, and thus EarthLink, advertises unlimited data with all its Gen5 satellite internet plans, but that isn’t as straightforward as it seems. When you reach your data limit, which varies between 10GB and 50GB depending on the plan you choose, rather than blocking internet access EarthLink slows down your speeds to 150Kbps – you still have internet access but can’t do things like play games or watch videos online.

EarthLink, though HughesNet , has a Bonus Zone during off-peak hours between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. – between these times, you can use an additional 50GB of data per month. Data used in the Bonus Zone doesn’t count against your plan’s data allotment and isn’t subject to the over-limit slowdown unless you go over the 50GB cap.

When you purchase satellite internet through EarthLink, you can choose from any of HughesNet’s four plans. The same account and contract conditions apply, including steep early termination fees that could be as high as $400.

You need specialized equipment that is compatible with both EarthLink’s and HughesNet’s satellite services. The equipment is installed by a certified professional, and if you’re a new customer, the $149 installation fee is typically waived.

If you plan to travel or are away from home for more than a couple of months, you can hibernate your plan. You still pay a reduced amount monthly, but you keep your contract and services without incurring additional fees or costs.

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If you need help with your satellite internet service, you can call EarthLink for help, but you can also contact HughesNet directly. Both companies offer email and telephone support as well as live chat assistance. Both also have FAQs sections and user forums where support personnel answer questions and assist with problems customers post there.

EarthLink is a good and dependable provider that offers satellite internet service through HughesNet. It offers the same plans and contracts you can purchase directly from HughesNet, but EarthLink lets you bundle in its own services and pay for everything through a single account.

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