Nailz Does Game Hacks And PSN Codes Now

My good old friend NailZ from NailedHard just released his first free PSN codes list giveaway using his own PSN code generator (check the screenshot below) available for everyone to download. This is his debut solo game hack release and hes probably now very proud and full of it, as usually.

The history behind is that NailZ split with CheatZ (they both ran various game hacking sites). Rumour mill says they could not agree on what games to hack and either do good old PC game hacks or move to all the new hype and cheat Facebook or iOS/Android games. CheatZ is more old school hacker and he likes to write things like Xbox emulators and hack good old PC games while NailZ is obviously new generation and probably broken most of the free games already – like Boom Beach, Clash of Clans and many other popular titles.

So, what’s really great about free PSN codes then? Oh well, for once they work and if I know NailZ, he did a number on code generator itself. I actually asked him to share screenshots of what he did and HERE IT IS!


I love his artwork – simple brutal and effective… and his Star Wars jokes in code lines always made me giggle like the one he did with Boom Beach. This new PSN codes list generator seems to be way smarter as well and finally runs on Windows (no more Linux for me please!!!). So, where is iOS version then?

Anyway, good news are we all now can enjoy free PSN codes from NailZ and get all those hot new game titles from PSN itself without paying a single dollar. So, from my end – I wish you all the best and hope your new site does not get shut down again lol…

Oh, on a brief chat that I had with him he also stated that he is seriously considering to make public version of his PSN code generator as well. He does not know yet what sort (if any) restrictions to put on it and main reason for that is that if this tool will get into public, PSN will close the door and it will just stop working like most of the PSN code list generators out there. They work but you can’t abuse it, use it for just few codes so it does not look suspicious.

So, lets wait and see how it goes and I will keep you updated if I hear anything new from this amazing nerdy guy.

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Use hack tool to cheat in Flappy Bird

We all know what cheats and hacks are , many of us used it on older PC games. Now that smartphone games are the present and future we still have the same urge to cheat and get the score and other stuff that makes the gaming life easy.

Flappy bird

Flappy bird is one of the new games that add both addictive and competitive spirit to gaming world . Its available for iOS devices such as iPad , iPod and iPhone , as well as all Android phones and devices. We all heard the story how developer took the game down when he saw how addictive it is. Many fans started sharing their score on Facebook and twitter, but some saw the opportunity to use flappy bird cheats using the hack tool from Cheat Spot .

Flappy bird cheats

This is how your score will look like when you apply the hack. Using the tool is easy , you just enter the username , validate your access key and you can use it unlimited number of times. I personally like playing flappy bird but i want more lives , so i only use it to get unlimited lives . But you can hack the score and skip playing , only to share it on facebook and show your friends how good you are. Other things you can do is to get all achievements , medals and stuff like that , but i do not care much for that to be honest. Its always nice to share your current score but i want it to be by playing , not with hack.

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Clash of Clans gets complete new Cheats and Codes!

Popular iOS game , Clash of clans is on its way to become one of the most popular games of Apple store. With so much to do, its one of those combat strategy games that keep your attention for many months. You can build your village , defensive buildings and resources or you can focus on having very powerful army that will crush your opponents. Like with every game , there are cheats and hacks for Clash of clans that will allow you to get resources you need to quickly progress.

Clash of Clans

Gems seam like the most important resource and with recent releases you can get unlimited number of gems as well as gold and elixir. Here is one of the newly released Clash of Clans cheats engines from CheatSpot

Clash of Clans Hack 2013

The hack itself works rather good on new versions of this game and with new , fast servers you will be connected and resource values changed within minutes. Supercell has made many security features to prevent things like cheats , but this one seams to be working just fine with the latest version. I can guess that this is due to the fact that it has the decrypting servers that are able to connect to clash of clans via PC, (by the way the hack is ran from PC if you didnt know that).

What you need to do is to get access code for the cheat engine and validate it. This will give you access to secure server and allow you to proceed with using the tool. Next you need to enter your ID and the amount of gold, elixir and gems you want. I dont recommend you go overboard with this and take it slow. When you click the final button you will be have to wait up to one minute for the process to be complete after which you can see that it changed in game.

More news and updates for Clash of clans hack can be found on Cheatspot’s blog post and they often post new releases for it. If you need some support you can leave a comment here and we will try to help you since we used it quite a bit in last few months.

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Best Way to Get Free Microsoft Points in 2013

Many owners of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console are looking for a way to top up their accounts with free microsoft points but that is not always easy especially because there are many non working microsoft points generator programs which are based on hacking the Xbox live to get the codes or something similar. I always say that this is not the best thing you can do to get some free MS points. Lets take a look at something completely different and new. Its a Microsoft points giveaway that allows you to get these codes for free on daily basis and even at the end of each month as part of the premium giveaway at

The interesting thing is that this type of giveaway also uses generator but its clear that it is not a hack but a giveaway software that calculates so called “entries”. Don’t worry , its not so hard to understand as it looks. So lets see in detail how does it work and how you can use these giveaways to get legit microsoft points codes.

What is Microsoft points Generator – Giveaway Version

Free Microsoft Points - Generator v1

If you look at the name you would say its a hack , but its not. Actually its a software designed to do one thing , to track entries, or activity of the members and reward them with free gift cards. For example if you just joined and want to try it you will have beginners advantage and you can get one code per day. But if you want to be active and share, like and tweet you can do much better and get 3 and more Xbox Live codes and microsoft points codes.

Microsoft points generator - v2That feature was introduced in version 2 of Microsoft points generator and you can read more about it on official post .The best thing about this update is that it allowed you to gain benefit for monthly draw at the end of each month. So each time you share a post you gain entries for premium giveaway and you get benefit with generator allowing you to get more codes every day. And by doing so you in turn get entries for premium giveaway, and get the chance to win many 6000 microsoft points and Xbox Live gold membership codes.

In my opinion this is the best method to get your free microsoft points and great thing about it is that its perfectly legit since all codes are bought by sponsors. That means that your code will never get removed and your games lost.

Since new Xbox One is coming make sure you check our latest post about it.

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MyCheats.Net News Announces New Game Hacks And Cheats Updates As Of Aug 2nd 2014

For immediate distribution across all relevant networks.
Oldschool IRC version available at #mycheats, #psnhacks, #psncodes, #cochacks, #hackzrus, type ! in IRC channel to get the latest updates or contact admin to get full list of relevant new game hacks or request your own game hack (yeah, we do custom jobs as well)!

The planet of games on PS4 is getting on with free games where you need a lot of iron gold and many more to be on top of the ranks and climb the toplist. We created a huge folder of new hack version releases that are created to seamlessly work on real game servers, create resources when you need and boost you on the top of the top lists.

Hacked Clash of Clans Hack Working Fine

The this month released Working Clash of Clans Hack Tool provides you the necessary resources such as wood, gold and elixir. The fresh version of the cheat tool was seriously tested and made sure to be safe it works on Supercell CDN servers, has security updates and is potent of simply adding to your game account infinite resources, just when you need them. It has easy plug and play system for Facebook, iOS and Android phones. You can easily use it to have more powerful minions, offensive buildings and take part in Clash of Clans Player vs Player wars without the fear loss.

Hay Day Hack

The sun is bright and the cows and sheep are getting more fat on the bones. We give to you the best Hay Day hack on this fine day which will enable you to farm with pleasure and expand further to the maximum . The objective of the game is to create your farm which requires in-game currency. Our hack tool enables you to create all the resources you want and more. It is tried and tested to be safe to use. We offer periodical patches for the hack program which now gets a new stable version for players to use.

Working Dragon City Hack

Dragon City is a really nice game set in the fantasy worlds where players hatch dragons and create and maintain their own fantasy Jurassic Park. It’s a true fun filled great game but to fight
other dragons, you must have endless resources including gold, gems and food. We have coded a new working Dragon City hack tool which finally puts your woes to rest. Feed your dragons with free food, purchase new eggs with gold and progress as your heart desires. The new of our hack tool is working for both iOS and Android devices.

Online Boom Beach Hack

Are you trying so hard to take down an enemy base and control their island? You finally have tool you must download. Our team of hackers has worked round the clock to create a working Boom Beach hack that gets you the resources, gold and anything else that you have to have to enhance your armies. The new cheat tool new release version is stable, creates resources with the click of a button and you can always come back to our site to get newer versions.

New League Of Angels Hack

We are proud to shout out that we’ve yesterday released the official, working version of the new League of Angels cheat. The program will enable you to to pimp up your hero and tame angels without problems cause you will have unlimited gold, gems and diamonds at your fingertips to make use of. The our hack tool version is very safe to use and is available to download for free. We will be providing daily updates and patch fixes to make sure you keep winning in the League of Angels game without any problems. Have fun with the game using our hacking tool on all Android, iOS, WEB and Facebook as it has been made to work on most platforms.

About MyCheats.Net:
We are team of dedicated and experienced game and app hackers with ability to break down and hack any game you throw at us.

Our full working updated undetectable and free hack download list as of August 2nd, 2014 can be found here:

League Of Angels:
Boom Beach Hack:
Dungeon Keeper Hack:
Clash Of Clans Hack:
Dragon City Hack:
Hay Day Hack:
Pree PSN Codes:
PSN Code Generator:
Free Riot Points Hack (League Of Legends):

If you would like us to hack your favorite game, please leave us a note at and we will come back to you!

Enjoy your free game and program hacks For latest updates always check out our site at! …And thank you guys and gals for all the support and feedback! :-)

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The iPhone 5S Motion Sensors Are Totally Screwed Up

Since the iPhone 5S landed in the hands of new owners a few weeks ago, there have been reports that on-board sensors like the gyroscope, compass, and accelerometer haven’t been working properly on some devices. We’ve confirmed the new iPhone’s failings on our own. It’s not just off. It’s embarrassing. Continue reading

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Hands On With the HTC One Max


Hands On With HTC One Max

One size does not fit all, apparently. After shrinking down the One to bring us the One Mini, HTC now brings us a super-sized version of its beautifully designed flagship phone. Continue reading

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Top 11 hidden, cool features in Apple’s iOS 7 [Photos]

Apple’s iOS 7 is a big change.

It comes with a bright new look and a whole lot of major new features, but there are also several hidden features you might not have yet noticed or heard of. Here are our favorites.

Focus photos using volume button

In iOS 7, you can now take square-size pictures and add filters to your pictures, but did you know that you can now also press on the iPhone’s volume down button to quickly focus the camera and take a picture? You can also hold down the volume buttons to quickly shoot a burst of photos. Continue reading

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Apple iOS 7


  • Pros

    Heightened security. Fresh design. Wonderful improvements to Control Center, Notification Center, and multitasking bar. Can download over Wi-Fi. Free. Continue reading

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Unboxing the Apple iPhone 5s


Unboxing the Apple iPhone 5s

It’s been over a week since Apple’s big event, and the wait is finally over. The new iPhone 5s is shipping out and hitting retail shelves starting today, but unless you got in line early, chances are you’re still waiting on your new phone. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered with some unboxing shots of the new smartphone. Continue reading

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Apple iPhone 5s vs. iPhone 5c: which is for you?

Apple iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5c which is for you

We use the term loosely, but the iPhone is no longer a “one size fits all” smartphone. Today’s Apple event marked the introduction of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, and beyond price, the two devices are separated by several unique features. Considering your own desires for gaming, photography, security, style — and yes, your budget — it’s likely that one phone is a better fit for your needs. So join us after the break as we explore the finer points of Apple’s latest smartphones. Continue reading

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Why I’m gladly spending $100 more on the iPhone 5S over the iPhone 5C

As anybody who’s ever shopped for an Apple product knows, Apple is a master at pricing products so you end up torturing yourself over whether to spend the extra money on a feature upgrade, even if you know it isn’t really worth the premium Apple is asking for it. Continue reading

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